St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Jesus Calls Us…Come and See! Come and Grow! Come and Serve!

Youth Registration Forms

Please print and fill out the forms below for each specific event. 
PLEASE NOTE: Every family needs a Youth Information Form for the current year on file in the church office. All youth activities require a completed form in order for the activity's registration to be complete.  This is in addition to the individual activity's registration form.
Youth Information Form for 2016-17 (valid June 1, 2016-June 15, 2017).  This is a fillable online form if you have Adobe on your computer.  You will need to download the form on your home computer first. The signature may be added electronically also: Choose "Fill & Sign Tools" on right side of form.  Box appears.  Choose "draw my signature."  Use mouse to write name (like signing for a UPS delivery).  Hit "accept."  Using mouse, move signature to signature line.  Do a left click on mouse to secure signature to spot.  Save your signed document on your computer and email it to the church office ( as an attachment.
Background checks: Volunteers 13 years old and older must have a current background check report on file in the church office; background checks are good for two years.  Please submit the appropriate form from below to the church office.