St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Jesus Calls Us…Come and See! Come and Grow! Come and Serve!

Adult Education


Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Join a class this Sunday!
We offer a variety of classes during the school year. Please sign up at the display table or on the DO (Discipleship Opportunities) insert in the worship folder, or drop in on any class even if you have not been in it from the beginning. Classes are normally 9:45 a.m., between services.
Class offerings through Feb. 15, 2015 .....
  • Visually Enhancing the Liturgy - Beyond the Banner: What is liturgical art?  What impact will a liturgical art guild have on our worship life at St. Andrew? How do we create visual art that moves beyond decoration to better serve the liturgy? Liturgical Artist, Kathleen Brown, who has been instrumental in forming a number of liturgical art guilds, has led workshops/lectures in the US and Canada, and been responsible for creating worship-filled environments for 25+ years, along with her husband, the Rev. A. Michael Brown, are our guides through this empowering, hands-on, interactive class. In the Davis Room
  • "Living a Life on Loan" by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, is a study about LIFE.  Led by Dave Howe in the Yellow Room.  LIFE consists of our:
    • Loves - passions, purpose, priorities, and values,
    • Intersections - how we connect with others' stories, 
    • Fortune - resources to help others write new endings to their stories, 
    • Eternity - making a difference beyond life here on earth.Join us as we walk through this study and DVD series together.  
  • A Study of Jonahled by Steve Ranney in the Conference Room. The Old Testament book of Jonah is not only a great story, but it deals with a number of interesting aspects of the Bible and theology, among them the place of mythic stories in the Bible, God's concern for the nations beyond Israel, even 'bad' kingdoms, and God's compassion for the frustrated and overheated disciple.
  • Putting A Face on Homelessness—Who are the homeless? What is their story? How did they become homeless? Pr. Jim and Beth Oliver will lead a study on the reasons for homelessness and discuss possible solutions. Outside speakers will share their insights as we seek a better understanding of this situation and what we can do as we work towards our vision goals of ending homelessness.  Meet in the WHO Hospitality Area (Rooms 7/8)
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