St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Thursday, August 28, 2014
Jesus Calls Us…Come and See! Come and Grow! Come and Serve!

Adult Education

Sunday Morning Adult Classes


Join a class this Sunday!

We offer a variety of classes during the school year. Please sign up at the display table or on the DO (Discipleship Opportunities) insert in the worship folder, or drop in on any class even if you have not been in it from the beginning. Classes are normally 9:45 a.m., between services.
Feel free to join a class on any Sunday!  
Class offerings for Jan. 12-March 2, 2014:
Just Neighbors: This is an interactive, multimedia exploration of Jesus words, Love your neighbor as yourself. It begins by asking, "Who is my neighbor?" Just Neighbors offers a fresh look at the realities of poverty in our nation and encourages faith communities to look to their traditions for an appropriate response. It encourages people to turn their faith into action. Led by Mary Strehlow, Lori Lemley, Denny Scott, Jenifer Jacobus and Will Burch. Rooms 7/8.
The Gospel of Matthew God with us! Matthews account of the good news shows Jesus as the source of profound new teachings, the fulfillment of ancient prophecies and the overwhelming generosity of Gods mercy poured out for the undeserving. According to Matthew, the church is an earthly manifestation of the kingdom of God and comprised of Jesus followers at work for the blessing of the world. Led by Pastor Jim. Davis Room.
Practicing Prayer: Deepen your relationship with God by learning to pray in a variety of ways. Each week different members of the congregation will provide brief instruction in a prayer method, which we will practice during class. These include: centering prayer, lectio divina (sacred reading), praying with the labyrinth, the examen, prayer flags, the breath prayer, praying with beads, and more. Check the Sunday News for each weeks prayer practice. Coordinated by Pastor Martha. Room 6 (the Yellow Room)
Small Group Support: Designed for small group facilitators, but all are welcome to attend. We will focus on skill development, such as conflict management, sharing leadership, including others, and integrating spiritual growth. This will be a time of mutual support and sharing. Led by Vicar Angie. Conference Room.
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